Why become a Personal Trainer?

Personal training is one of the most rewarding careers out there available today. If you have a passion to help people and take pride and enjoyment in exercise why not become your own boss? There are many career opportunities from travelling overseas to earning great money in helping people, better their lives and health giving you a career with great rewards and self worth.

Still not sure then please read the following:

When considering a career change one must always look at the pros and cons so if you like spending time in the gym or training and get enjoyment from it, but like most people struggle to find the time then to study for a personal trainer might just be the escape and answer. Money, overseas career opportunities and rewards from helping people could be some of the points to help you convince yourself to study towards a qualification in personal training certification.

Personal trainers make a definite difference in many people’s lives they have the ability to make a positive, noticeable and measureable impact on the lives of their clients. When one helps a person change their self image and you can see the impact that feeling is intoxicating and you start realizing that as a personal trainer you are making a definite impact on people’s lives daily and that gives you a career path that is very rewarding.

Fitness education and working with a qualified fitness professional gives clients information that is essential to reducing risk of injury and also it helps the client not in wasting valuable time on wrong information, but to reach and achieve their goals much quicker and with greater focus. The personal trainer gives that personal touch and the fitness industry is moving away from big corporate gyms, because people realize their time is important and the value a personal trainer offers.

Personal trainers can now also spread their wings and work worldwide when studying through Oxigym Fitness academy seeing that our courses are Reps registered which is recognized in 30 countries worldwide including America, Canada,Engeland,Australia , New Zealand,UAE and most European nations. This means that your fitness certification could be your ticket to see the world and earn good money as well. Personal trainers in England earn between 40 and 80 British pounds an hour and in South Africa between R250 to R850 an hour at most gyms country wide.

So by doing what  you love you will be your own boss and love what you do and make a good living and feel great about it by seeing the impact you bring in people’s lives.

Personal training certification through Oxigym Fitness Academy is the career change you have been waiting for so contact us now on dirk@oxifa.com or daniel@oxifa.com today and let us help you on your new career journey.


About Us

Daniel Nel

With over 22 years of experience of which most was spent as General Manager for Virgin Active gyms across the country. Daniel decided in 2009 to move into the education sector of the Health & Fitness industry to pass on his passion for the industry and share the knowledge he has gained over the years. As co-founder of OXIFA Fitness Academy Daniel’s strength lies in his commitment to each and every individual student, motivating them to complete their qualification by giving them support and guidance through the process and by supporting them with employment opportunities during their studies and also after qualifying.

Dirk Hough

Starting his fitness career in the military as a assistant Personal Training Instructor, Dirk fell in love with the connection in helping people better themselves and living healthy. He went on to work for Steiner Transocean as a onboard fitness instructor for 5 years and traveled the world. On returning home he opened up 2 Gym’s  in the West Coast of a 1000m2 each.

Dirk joined Daniel in establishing Oxifa as a world leader in fitness education and by combining their combined work experience of almost 40 years created a course that is more practical and job orientated than most courses available out there, still conforming to the cathsseta guidelines and unit standards.

Oxifa is also Repssa registered which means it is off world class standards and Oxifa students can work overseas in more than 30 countries and onboard the cruise ships like Dirk did himself.

If you want to make a career change  look no further than partnering with Oxifa our passion comes from experience in knowing what works and what is important so that future employers will see you as an asset to their business and not just another employee.

Choose Your Qualification

Various courses are available to qualify you in the Health & Fitness Industry, under which probably the most popular is the National Certificate in Fitness, which does not only allow you to become a Personal Trainer, but opens you up for allot of career options in the industry. Other qualifications shape to broaden your spectrum of knowledge or help you specialize in your preferred field.

Personal Training

Level 5 Qualification

Entry requirements- Grade 12 or other NQF Level 4 qualification

Course consist of following:
  • Life skills for professionals
  • Growth and development
  • Health and safety in fitness
  • Exercise science
  • Special needs, screening and assessment
  • Programme design, lead and instruct
  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Business management in fitness
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Fitness Administration Course

level 4

Entry requirements - From Grade 10

Course Content
  • Operate professionally in a sport, recreation or fitness environment
  • Apply values and ethics to the sport organization
  • Operate a personal computer system
  • Apply administrative skills and knowledge in a sport organisation
  • Develop administrative procedure in a selected organisation
  • Manage expenditure against a budget
  • Manage finance in a small business
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Fitness Instructor Skills Course

level 4

Entry requirements - From Grade 10

​Course Content
  • Apply knowledge of anatomy and physiology to exercise training
  • Supervise the use of a fitness facility and equipment
  • Recommend and exercise programme or activity
  • Lead and instruct exercise programmes for individuals and groups
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Skills Courses

Cooming Soon!

Group Instructor Skills Course

level 4

Entry requirements - from grade 10

Course Content
  • Anatomy and physiology for group exercise instructors
  • Lead and instruct
  • Legal responsibilities
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“Studying through OXIFA has been the best decision of my life”

Jarred Prinsloo

2013 Fitness Students

“Studying with OXIFA changed by life, opened so many doors, been working on luxury cruiseliners since 2015”

JP Fourie

2014 Fitness Students

“It’s been an amazing journey, currently working for Virgin Active and loving every moment of my chosen career”

Ayesha Kader

2016 Fitness Students